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Date: 18th August 2016
Molybdenum Wire
Baoji Zhipu Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China molybdenum wire manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap molybdenum wire products from our company and factory.Molybdenum wireMolybdenum wire mainly refers to the time line cutting with high voltage electric field in a continuous movement of the cutting workpieces made of molybdenum and other precious metals from consumables, namely EDM machining a workpiece when the continuous movement of fine wire is called wire (also called electrode), it can be pulsed spark discharge workpiece ablation, cutting metal forming.Molybdenum wire molding surface state: Drawn,forged,polished.Molybdenum wire specification:?0.02mm--?12.0mm.Molybdenum wire as an electrode wire characteristics:1.high tensile strength.2.Surface finish, good stability, high precision cutting.3.Elongation of small, tight silk small.4.Curly rate, consistent wire diameter, easily broken wire, long life.5.Can increase
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